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BuyoutsYour Guide to ESOP Strategy

ESOPs are a very tax efficient means of sharing ownership of a company with its employees. Applicable federal legislation that encourages ESOPs allows wide latitude to company owners, employees, and service providers to design and implement the plans to fulfill a wide range of interests. The tax incentives and design flexibility do have a cost, and that cost is regulatory compliance with an exacting set of rules.

The focus of this book is to discuss the applications of ESOPs in closely held companies. The closely held company, by definition, does not have stock that is publicly traded on a recognized stock exchange. The stock is typically held by a limited number of shareholders. The purpose of the ESOP is to own stock for the benefit of the ESOP participants and their beneficiaries. This book examines the various ways an ESOP may acquire stock in a closely held company, and many of the best planning practices to accomplish that goal.


The Enterprise Services team is nationally recognized for its work helping private companies with business valuation, transition planning, and consultation for management buyouts and employee stock ownership plans.

ESI can assist a business owner in identifying and understanding all of the available options. This process requires the highly specialized training and broad practical experience of our transition experts.

The ESI team brings decades of senior-level management, financial, and accounting experience to the table. Recognizing that no two businesses – or business owners – are exactly alike, the ESI team demonstrates a unique insight into specific business situations.

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